Dating Advice and Relationship Tips

The internet is full of how-to guides and advice blogs that promise unique insight into the world of dating. You have probably heard it a million times: "do this, don't do that," "that means this, this means that"; it's exhausting. We share in the goal of offering guidance on common concerns and questions among daters, but we achieve that goal in a very different way.

Too many bloggers base their information on their own single experience. One event does not make a pattern. Personal experience should never be discredited, but you can only conclude so much from a sample size of one. We take personal experiences from a wide range of daters and weigh those experiences against experts' understanding of the human psyche as it relates to chemistry and compatibility. The result: a complex series of articles based on an abundance of data.


Dating is stressful no matter who you are. The planning alone is enough to turn many people off from the notion altogether. Where will we go? What will I wear? How will it go? These are just a few of the questions that will be flashing through your mind like lightening as the date approaches.

Our goal is to make your dating experience enjoyable. Pre-date jitters are common, but there is no reason your nervousness has to extend beyond that. The articles below are intended to alleviate your dating-related stress by walking you through the entire process.

First Dates

Planning a first date does not have to be stressful, most people just approach it completely wrong. The first date is simply your way of getting to know one another so you can...

Preparing for the Date

Congratulations, you have a date! You are obviously excited, but likely nervous about making sure everything goes well. Preparing for the date doesn't have to be stressful...

What to Wear on the Date

Physical appearance is often the first clue we have into someone's personality. What you wear speaks volumes about the type of person you are and can be one of the main...

Proper Dating Etiquette

Dating in today's world can be very stressful. With the expectations changing constantly, it can be difficult to keep up. People should be able to enjoy the other person's company...

The Second Date

Your second date is about getting to know each another better. It is probably best to think of this as a "second first date," since many of the same principles apply...

These articles cover dating from a pre-relationship perspective. The principles can be applied for both novice and veteran daters, but those in relationships will prefer our relationship advice section below. Our relationship articles are geared toward individuals who have been dating the same person and are seeking advice on issues specific to long-term dating. For both short- and long-term dating advice catered specifically to women, check out our Just For Women section.


Entering a relationship is the desired endgame for many daters. Relationships can be both rewarding and frustrating at the same time. The more intimately we get to know our partner, the greater our potential for both joy and heartache. Head over to our Relationship Guidance section for articles pertaining specifically to couples in committed relationships.

There is a sharp contrast between casual dating and committed relationships. Once a relationship is formed, the expendable nature of dating goes out the window and partners are now required to solve any problems that may arise. In this case, "solving problems" is synonymous with "work." The intention of our relationship advice is to identify these problems and decrease the workload required to solve them. Ultimately, we want our readers to experience happy and healthy lifelong relationships.

Advice for Online Daters

Dating websites can be a useful way to meet new people and form relationships. These sites are growing exponentially, and you may be surprised to learn just how many people use them. They are no longer viewed as a desperate last-resort; in fact, they are quickly becoming the norm for singles wishing to find their match.

This comes as no surprise. Modern-day demands leave little free time to meet new people, and adults tend to form small groups of familiar friends from which they rarely venture. The internet trend among daters can be traced back to the advent of social media, which allowed people to network with one another through the web. Once online networking become established, the road was paved to hone this concept into people’s love lives. The result: online dating sites.

Dating websites can seem daunting at first. There is an inherent disconnect when you can't actually see the person you are meeting. The ultimate goal of online dating is that it will manifest offline, so the advice outlined above applies to daters both on and off the web. Online daters, however, face an additional set of unique challenges. From choosing the right site, to what to include in a profile, to sending the first message, there are a lot of questions surrounding dating sites. We recommend you have a look at our Guide to Online Dating where you will find stepwise instructions for using a dating website.