Dating Advice for the Ages

Dating and aging don't have to by synonymous with fear, frustration and bewilderment. As we age, we trade certain things for others (like smooth skin for wisdom), and the positive side is, we also begin to learn about ourselves. As a result, we know what we want in a partner better than we ever have before, we know better how to go about finding that partner (at least we know where not to look), and we learn how to say no to the wrong people easier and more quickly than in our youth. That doesn't mean that dating and aging don't come with some obstacles and for that, take a look at the articles below to help with questions and advice about dating and relationships as we forge ahead in our solar cycles.

Young Couple on Couch

Many 30-something daters are single for different reasons. Whether your first marraige didn't work out, you've been submerged in your career, or you simply haven't found "The One"...

Middle Aged Couple

Dating in your forties can feel like a daunting task. Singles in this age group find themselves in the dating pool for a variety of reasons, and they often feel discouraged as they re-enter the...

Man and Woman in Their Fifties

By 50, you probably have a good idea of what you want out of dating. Whether you're in it for the long- or short-term, you have the life experience to take a no-nonsense approach...

Mature Couple

If you find youself single into your sixties, you actually have some advantages over younger daters. Much of the pressure is off, and dating becomes a means of finding companionship...

Dating can vary drastically from one age group to the next. To a thirty-something single, dating may be a frantic attempt to find the right person with whom they can start a family, while someone in their sixties may view dating more as a means of obtaining companionship than a way of finding a lifelong partner. Thus, not all dating advice can be applied universally across every age group. The purpose of this page is to offer age-specific dating advice that you will find applicable to your current situation.

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Additional Articles

To find more dating tips and advice, head back to our advice article center where you will find both general and gender-specific advice. While these additional articles may not cater to a particular age group, they are definitely worth a look. We update them on a regular basis, too, so keep checking back!