Free Dating Websites

When it comes to online dating, it is perfectly natural to have your doubts and be hesitant about spending your hard earned money. This makes free dating websites an ideal option. Many dating sites actually provide their services at no charge, providing you with the opportunity to try online dating for free. We have developed a list of what we feel are the best free dating websites and ranked them according to several key aspects.

Ranking Free Dating Sites

There are three main types of free dating websites. Some are completely free with no strings attached; these sites provide access to all of their services with absolutely no charge. Other websites offer a free limited membership but charge a fee to become a full member. The remaining choices provide a free trial period with the option of subsequently purchasing a membership. We have examined dating websites in all three of these groups and collectively compared them to rank the best options.

A quality dating website offers a large number of active members. We stress the word active because many online dating services claim to have massive amounts of members, but a closer look reveals that most profiles have not been updated and hardly anyone is actually using the site. These websites are automatically disqualified when we choose our recommendations. People attempting to contact singles at this type of dating site would leave frustrated and possibly even discouraged as their valuable time would be wasted pursuing profiles that are never checked. All of the free dating websites we list offer a robust number of active members to give you the best chance of successfully meeting other singles.

We also look at the functionality and ease-of-use of these services. Some free dating websites offer very few features, and the small amount they do provide are difficult to use. It is best to stay away from these sites. The fewer features a website offers, and the less user-friendly the site, the lower the likelihood of drawing in members, thus limiting your pool of potential matches. In order for us to recommend a dating site, it should be relatively easy to carry out fundamental actions such as signing up, creating a dating profile, browsing through other members and communicating with the members you wish. In addition, we look at the safety and security of sites and take the general consumer satisfaction and customer service into consideration to develop our rankings of the best free dating websites.

Advantages of Free Dating Websites

There are a few key advantages of free dating websites compared to their commercial counterparts. The main advantage, of course, is that they don’t cost anything. The best free dating websites offer an experience similar to the pay sites, with high rates of customer satisfaction, at no charge. Many people have had great success at free sites, but even if you don't find your ideal match you can get a feel for online dating before deciding whether or not to upgrade to one of the commercial services.

Another important advantage is that many of these websites offer a large group of diverse members, making it statistically more likely to find the right person for you. Since these sites are free to join, they appeal to a wide range of people and draw in a sizeable population of varied members. While this typically improves your chances of success, it does open the door to one of the potential drawbacks of using free dating websites, which we will discuss in the next section.

Disadvantages of Free Dating Websites

Since these websites do not charge a fee, the quality of members can suffer. The cost of membership at commercial sites generally deters anyone who is not committed to meeting new people. With this filter absent at the free services, there is the potential of people signing up for fun rather than to seriously seek new people. Furthermore, fake profiles tend to be more prevalent at the free dating websites compared to pay services. These fake profiles may be an attempt to scam others, spammers, or serve as free advertising for other websites. Either way, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, these are some disadvantages you should keep in mind.

Overall, free dating websites are certainly worth a look. There are some drawbacks compared to the commercial sites, but you still stand a good chance of finding your match and you literally have nothing to lose. Free websites allow you to try online dating without any financial risk, but you may eventually decide to upgrade to one of the pay services for full access to their features. If you would like to learn more about these services, our homepage ranks websites with the best online dating and provides reviews and advice to guide you through your online dating experience.