Reviews of the Best Dating Websites

The options for online dating are at an all time high, but not all dating sites are right for everyone. Dating websites should be safe and secure, consist of a large population of quality members, and allow singles to easily find and contact one another. These are the criteria we focus on when writing our reviews. We also factor in price, consumer satisfaction, and customer service to create a comprehensive summary of each dating website.

Reviewed Websites

Our dating website reviews are intended to give you an honest, accurate description of the services offered at each site, and should help you determine where you will have the best online dating experience. We update our reviews regularly to reflect any changes that may occur, and are continually observing the market to ensure the accuracy of our recommendations. The reviews we currently offer are listed below.

Currently our top pick is, but you really cannot go wrong with any of the sites listed on this page. You can also return to our homepage where we have tried to make your decision easier by ranking what we feel are the best dating websites on the internet today. In addition to reviews, we offer various articles to guide you through the online dating process, as well as advice for both dating and relationships.

Many general dating sites provide the option of narrowing your search, but there are also niche websites specifically designed for various subsets of people. These sites are exclusively for certain groups of people and their services are designed solely for individuals within that group. We have included our top niche site reviews in the following section.

Niche Dating Reviews

They say opposites attract, but there is something to be said for sharing values and common interests when it comes to dating and creating intimacy. Online dating at niche sites limits the population of singles to a specific type, such as Christians or seniors. Check out the reviews below or take a look at our Types of Dating Websites to learn more about the various types of singles and the best dating sites for each.

Our directory of dating reviews is based on extensive research and personal experience. Whether you prefer a broad dating pool or a specific group of singles, all of the websites we have listed provide an excellent online dating experience.

Reviewing Dating Websites

There are several important aspects to consider when choosing a dating website, which we have outlined below. We focus on each of these aspects when writing our reviews and ranking online dating sites.

Number of Members – Dating websites should offer a large number of quality members. The more people using a service, the better your chances of finding a compatible partner. However, some dating sites will boast of enormous member bases while only a fraction of these people are actively using the service. The activity level and quality of members are much more important than the quantity.

Profile Set Up – Some profiles are straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes, while others include thorough personality tests and in-depth questionnaires which may require hours. These each reflect a different type of dating website and either one may be suited to a certain individual.

Compatibility Analysis – The best dating websites can analyze your personality to determine which members you will be most compatible with. This will increase your chance of a successful match and can be accomplished through scientific matchmaking systems or advanced search capabilities.

Search Capabilities – Dating sites should allow you to perform quick searches as well detailed searches that can be narrowed down by a wide variety of personal preferences.

Contacting Other Members – It should be easy to communicate with members whose profiles attract you. Some services even offer guided communication which walks you through the entire process and takes off much of the pressure. 

Membership Features – Most dating websites have multiple membership packages and the features vary based on which you choose. Basic memberships should have a wide range of features, including multiple ways of communicating with other members, advanced security of your personal information, and general dating advice to guide you along the way. There is usually an option of purchasing additional features as well.

Value – You usually get what you pay for, but a higher cost does not necessary mean a better service. Whether you choose an inexpensive dating site or a premium service, you should get good value for your money.

Other Dating Resources

We encourage you to utilize all of the resources at to increase your chances of finding a successful match. Once you choose a dating website we recommend looking through our Guide to Online Dating. Our articles will take you from building your online profile and sending that first message to asking a potential match on a real-world date. Our Dating Advice Guide will cover your offline experience, such as going on the first date and even entering a relationship. Our ultimate goal is to help you find the best dating site for your specific needs and provide you with all the tools necessary to find your perfect match and develop a lasting relationship.