Christian Mingle Review

Christian Mingle is an online dating site that was founded by Spark Networks. It is well known for its faith-based structure and two-sided matching technology. The site's social-media feel and ability to bring Christian individuals from all over the world together has made it a popular choice when it comes to online dating applications.

Dating Pool is a popular site for Christians of all ages and all Christian faiths. In order to use this dating site, you must identify yourself with a church, so individuals who are not "religious" about their Christianity may not find Christian Mingle's services to their liking.

Profile and Sign-Up

To sign up for Christian Mingle and enter the website, you first must answer the following prompts:

  • I am a [man seeking a woman]/[woman seeking a man]
  • Your age group: (18-24, 25-34, 35-50, 51 +)
  • Zip code
  • Country
  • Email address

Once that's done, you'll need to create a profile. You'll be asked for the following information:

  • Height
  • Body type
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • How often you smoke and drink
  • Marital status
  • If you have children/want any children
  • The church you were raised in, how often you attend church, what denomination your church is, the name of the church/ministry you attend
  • Country and zip code (again)
  • Your name and date of birth

Once you've entered your basic information, you'll be asked to provide a username and password and to confirm your email address, then you'll be prompted to describe yourself and your personality. Finally, you'll be asked if you'd like to receive updates and emails from other Christian-based websites, then you can enter a security code to complete the profile.

Once you've completed the steps above, you'll be prompted to complete your profile by answering questions (i.e., 'fun facts' about yourself and your match preferences) and uploading a photo (if desired), and you'll also have the option to start browsing other users who are available to chat. You'll also have the ability to upgrade and become a subscriber.


After you complete your profile, Christian Mingle will "match" you to other users based on the answers you provided about yourself and on your match preferences. When this dating service "matches" you with another profile, you can then play "Secret Admirer." The game works by you selecting "Yes: I think I like this member," "No: I'm not interested," or "Maybe: I want to decide later" for each profile that you're matched to.

If you select "Yes: I think I like this member," Christian Mingle will "secretly find out" if that user is interested in you, too. If you select "No: I'm not interested," that user will not appear in your "Matches" list any longer. If you select "Maybe: I want to decide later," then the site will ask you once again at a different time about your preferences for that user.

Additionally, you can edit your "Match Preferences" such that will show you only the profiles that best fit your interests. This works by allowing you to select a range from "Important" to "Not Important" for criteria listed on the user's profile (i.e., body type, height, ethnicity, etc.).

If you want to search other profiles without playing Secret Admirer, you can search by the following:

  • The "Who's Online" feature
  • Searching by username
  • Searching by photo using the Photo Gallery feature
  • Quick search (using only man seeking woman/woman seeking man, age, and keyword criteria)
  • Advanced search (using any combination of characteristics provided on the user's profile)

Finally, the Color Code Personality Profile is also available to help match you to other profiles. It's a personality analysis tool that will assign your profile a "color," so that you can determine how compatible you are with any other users who have taken the Color Code Personality Profile based on their profile's "color" results.


If you're not a "subscriber," you'll be pretty limited in your ability to communicate with other users. Any communication with other users will be via "smiles," where you can select a short, pre-entered message that will be sent to the user's inbox. You can select messages that are "Flirty," "Casual," "Mail," "Photos," "Passages," "Pickup Lines," "Profile," "Responses," "Thank You," "Tell Me More," "Wanna Meet?".

You can also elect to answer a "Question of the Week". You can then review users' profiles by their answer to the question. These limitations may seem obnoxious, they are common among many of the internet's best dating websites.

Once you subscribe, though, you'll be able to send and receive emails (including customized 'cards'), start instant messaging conversations, use Christian Mingle's Message Boards, and use the website's COMPASS matchmaking tool. COMPASS evaluates "over 100 factors of personality and compatibility" in order to send you your best match results each week.

Unique Features

One unique feature of is the "Profile Activity" tab. Here, you can see which users have viewed your profile, recent "Smiles" and emails that you've sent and/or received, and you can even see who has added you to their "Favorites". Additionally, you'll be able to see how you rated profiles based on the Secret Admirer game.

Another feature that seems very distinct to this site is the "Events" tab. Similar to Google Calendar, it allows users to create and/or view Christian Mingle events going on all around the country. These events are unique in that they can provide a non-electronic environment for fellow Christian Mingle users to interact.

An additional unique aspect to this online dating website is the "Refer a Friend" feature. This social-media-esque feature will allow you to invite your friends and/or contacts from your Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/AOL account(s) to use the site. You can invite them by importing their contact information from the aforementioned accounts, or you can simply share the Christian Mingle home page link to your social media profile(s).

Finally, the Christian Mingle Store is available for users to purchase Christian-themed apparel and merchandise. When one thinks of an online dating site, they may not think of a place to be able to purchase clothing, but in this venue, it's also a way for individuals to show their union in faith.


If you select a plan, you will be a subscriber and thus will be entitled to more capabilities than the basic user. You'll be able to send and receive emails (including customized 'cards'), start instant messaging conversations, use Christian Mingle's Message Boards, and use the site's COMPASS matchmaking tool. The following plans show all of the pricing options that Christian Mingle has to offer:

  • 1 month membership - $29.99 per month
  • 3 month membership - $19.99 per month ($59.97 total)
  • 6 month membership - $15.99 per month ($95.94 total)

Final Word

Christian Mingle is a faith-based online dating platform that is meant to bring like-minded men and women together. It's geared toward Christians of all ages and from all denominations. The site's match-making features include a "Secret Admirer" game and the COMPASS tool that allow users to be shown only their best matches. If you're interested in forming a relationship based on similar religious beliefs, Christian Mingle definitely ranks among the top dating sites and could be the way to go.