eHarmony Review

eHarmony differs from most traditional dating websites. This site was launched in 2000 with the intent of identifying compatible couples and uniting them in healthy long-term relationships. The dating website utilizes a patented Compatibility Matching System to determine which members are most likely to enjoy a successful relationship. A well-managed approach to online dating and a steady focus on lasting relationships makes eHarmony our number two recommended dating website.

Dating Pool

A large dating pool allows eHarmony to cater to singles of all ages, ethnicities, national origins, and religious and political affiliations. There are over 20 million registered members at eHarmony, but they all have one thing in common: they are seeking a long-term relationship. This dating website is not intended for those interested in casual dating or simply looking to meet new people. Furthermore, higher membership costs serve to deter anyone not serious about finding love, and also result in more affluent members compared to other dating websites.

Despite a substantial number of online daters, eHarmony focuses on quality over quantity. The Compatibility Matching System narrows your matches to under ten at any given time, but drastically increases the quality of these matches by only presenting suitable singles. This is one reason behind eHarmony's success. In fact, a 2009 Harris Interactive survey showed that on average 542 members are married in the United States every day as a result of being matched on eHarmony. The bottom line: you will find committed, quality members from all walks of life.

Profile and Sign-Up

Getting started at eHarmony is much more involved than most online dating websites. Once you join the site there will be an in-depth personality test consisting of 436 questions that take approximately 40 minutes to complete. Although this is lengthy, your answers to these questions will help determine which members are best suited for you and eliminate those that are incompatible; it is the most important determinant of successful online dating at eHarmony. It is worth noting that eHarmony may reject applicants who they feel are incompatible with other members and you will be unable to proceed.

Once you have successfully completed the personality test, you will be asked to fill out an About Me section, an open-ended description of yourself similar to those found at other dating websites. You will also have the option of including a photograph, which we highly recommend. The personality test will be used by eHarmony to find compatible matches, while the About Me section and photograph will be what is presented to these matches.


The matching and searching functions at eHarmony differ from most other online dating sites because they are both managed for you. There is not an option to search through member profiles. Rather, eHarmony will match you with singles they feel are compatible and you can subsequently contact those members.


You can only communicate with singles that eHarmony has matched you with, but the procedure for communicating is very good. eHarmony uses a feature known as Guided Communication which steers you through the entire process, taking a lot of the pressure off, and adds a layer of security. Guided Communication works as follows:

  1. Read the information in your potential match's About Me section
  2. Select five multiple questions for the other person to answer from a list provided
  3. Answer five questions the other person selected for you; answers can also be written in your own words

Once this process is completed twice, members can move to Open Communication, where you can communicate freely by exchanging emails. Alternatively, you can skip directly to Open Communication if both members agree.

Unique Features

The entire matching system at eHarmony is itself unique and does not leave much to be desired. Once you complete your compatibility questionnaire, your responses are used to generate a personality assessment. The personality assessment is a detailed analysis of your profile and can be useful in determining your best qualities and areas for improvement, as well as how you are viewed by others. eHarmony also offers a wide selection of dating advice and information, known as eHarmony Advice.

For an extra fee, this dating website offers a few extra features. These include:

  • Premium Personality Profile: expanded version of standard personality assessment
  • RelyID: allows you to verify information provided by other members, such as name, city and age
  • Secure Call: lets members have anonymous phone conversations without disclosing their actual telephone numbers


Membership fees at eHarmony tend to be a little higher than other dating websites, but this helps filter out anyone who is not serious about dating. There is a 7 Day Free Trial Period where you can be matched with other members, but you have to pay before communicating or viewing profile pictures. You can lower the cost per month by subscribing longer.

  • 3 month subscription - $44.95 per month ($134.85 total)
  • 6 month subscription - $33.95 per month ($203.70 total)
  • 12 month subscription - $23.95 per month ($287.40 total)

These prices reflect the cost of a basic membership, which allows you to view profile pictures, request profile pictures, and send and receive communication requests. Upgrading to a TotalConnect plan allows you to view an expanded personality profile, have telephone conversations anonymously, and verify personal details of other members.

Final Word

eHarmony presents a fundamentally different approach to online dating compared to other websites. Although this comes at a higher price and places you at the mercy of their compatibility system, without much to do while waiting to be matched, eHarmony has demonstrated a good success rate. Furthermore, they offer a unique form of Guided Communication that takes the pressure off of getting to know potential matches. If you are serious about seeking a lasting relationship and are comfortable with eHarmony's managed approach, this dating website is a good choice.